Ramzey Odetalla

Senior Director of Clinical Operations, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals

As a clinician and scientific leader, Ramzey brings nearly 20 years of drug development experience to the industry with a unique background in pharma, CRO and clinical research site settings.  As a former trial investigator, he applied his “patient first” philosophy to pharma, whereby he designed protocols and clinical trials with the primary stakeholder in mind… the patient.  While serving in past leadership roles at Noven Pharmaceuticals, Taisho, Eisai and Kendle, Ramzey effectively bridged clinical research with clinical operations in order to promote a science-based culture grounded in sound business principles.  Given his diverse background and deep understanding of the Site-CRO-Sponsor dynamic, his operational expertise has led to successful collaborations on all sides of the business, and positive outcomes for the global programs he has led.  He currently serves as the Senior Director of Clinical Operations at ACADIA Pharmaceuticals with a focus on advancing new treatments for CNS disorders.

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