Linda Hsu

Founder and CEO, AstraCrux Clinical Trial and Consulting, Inc.

Linda has over a decade of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. She is a former Postdoctoral Researcher in Transgenic Technologies who has also worked as a lawyer, as well as having served at a renowned international CRO. Her expertise is in providing multinational clinical trial legal consulting services, and managing contract negotiations. She was in charge of the Asia-Pacific team of site contract leaders at one of the world’s biggest CROs, managing the delivery of over 1,000 contracts per annum. She is happiest when she can provide her clients with solutions to their problems. Her approach has a global perspective, is highly efficient and professional, and has many a time won her recognition from both domestic and foreign clients.

My Sessions

Accelerating Study Start-Up in China

Main Session Room

Many pharmaceutical companies and CROs are looking for solutions and strategies to speed up the study start-up process in China as there are still many challenges that prevent this from occurring.  One of the main challenges involve getting clinical trial agreements finalized quickly in China.   In this session, Linda Hsu will share first-hand experience and […]

Accelerating Study Start-Up Clinical Site Contracts, Budgets and Payments